Lighting System Design


Our Mindset

You've invested in your home and your landscape so why limit your outdoor experience in the evening? As a company, we aim to add functionality to our clients’ properties to allow them enhanced enjoyment year round. From lighting a pathway in the cool winter twilight to illuminating a patio for lounging on a summer night, outdoor lighting can create whole new purpose in those special places on your property.

Any contractor can send light carelessly blaring with the same repeated fixtures but the results can be off putting and generic. The Nightscapes team views lighting as a medium no differently than a skilled carpenter to his lumber or a mason to his stone. Each outdoor element requires thoughtful consideration to create an effect which is gentle yet effective. Showing restraint to create subtle effects takes talent and experience and that is where our lighting designs truly shine!

Our Process

Every property has unique features, focal points and landscape characteristics to be considered in a design. More importantly, every property owner has a different set of objectives in enhancing the exterior visibility of their home and landscape. To make sure we provide you with the best possible product, we begin every new customer relationship with a complementary consultation. Our lighting designer will coordinate a time to meet you at your home so that we can walk the property together, review your needs, your priorities, your budget, and to get inspired! There are a vast array of different bulb types and fixtures available and we will provide you only with options that are tried and true through our direct experience. At times, a temporary demo lighting system can be installed to help property owners better envision a portion of what the end result may look like.

Nightscapes brings more than 50 years of combined team experience to each new project and an unmatched enthusiasm for high quality, creativity and customer satisfaction. Once your project has been installed, we will check in with you to be sure that your new lighting system is meeting and hopefully surpassing your expectations. If needed, we will send out a technician for a special night time adjustment appointment to make final tweaks to get things just right. Nightscapes backs up its work with a 2 year labor warranty and will support manufacturer parts warranties on an ongoing basis. Additionally, our team is outfitted to provide ongoing lighting maintenance to assist you for years to come!