Lighting System Upgrades


Enhancing an Existing System

The commercial and residential markets are full of existing outdoor lighting systems that are outdated, inefficient or in a state of disrepair. Old or unmaintained systems can result in unsafe or unsightly dark spots, exposed wiring hazards, broken fixtures and missed opportunities to be enjoying outdoor spaces with friends and family.

Nightscapes excels in evaluating existing outdoor lighting systems to best advise property owners on how to breath new life into an aged lighting system that is no longer performing as desired. Upgrading your outdoor lighting can take on many forms but may include:

  • Fixture upgrades: Older fixtures can gradually become askew, break, begin to look unsightly or be stylistically outdated. While Nightscapes typically installs fixtures to amplify a lighting effect rather than to showcase the actual fixture, we work with a great supplier and have a plethora of design options at our disposal to suit most any preference.
  • Fixture Repositioning: Especially with outdoor lighting specific to a landscape, your lighting needs will likely change over time. Plant life matures, new trees are planted, or old growth is removed and previously illumination targets are no longer accurate. Before replacing fixtures, have your current set evaluated for reuse in new locations or at new angles.
  • Bulb Replacements or Retrofits: If you are fully satisfied with your existing fixtures, a bulb replacement may be all that is in order. Replacements can be a direct halogen to halogen swap or a partial to full retrofit to LED lighting. Learn more about LED lighting on our LED Lighting FAQ page.
  • Transformer Replacements: Transformers have varying life spans and will eventually go bad. Some times this is just a few ports malfunctioning but eventually the whole unit will need replacing. Larger installation will have multiple transformers servicing different areas of the lighting system. Regardless of the quantity, when a given unit goes down, the effects are immediate and a blackout will occur for the associated lines.
  • Rewiring: Older lighting installations utilized 120V “line voltage” lighting and lights were often connected using a technique called a “daisy chaining.” This results in lights that were further away from a transformer giving off a dimmer light. This can be resolved in successfully rewiring an outdoor lighting system.